Open hours

IMS Equipment Loaning

Fall & Spring Semester Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 9:45pm
Friday: 7:30am - 4:45pm

Summer & Winter Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:45pm

Spring & Winter Break Hours:

Checkout closed during Bi-annual inventory audit

Contact us

IMS Equipment Loaning

Location: IRC 112

Phone: 408-924-2888

Please note: Bookings cannot be made via email



These items are closed for repair:

Viewing rooms 2 & 3 (1 is available)

• Edit Room Checkout (Adobe Editing Suite)

• Video Dubbing Room


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  • For 1st time bookings, you will need your DUO authentication fob/code if required by SJSU

  • Bookings are automatically canceled if the equipment is not picked up within 1 hour of the scheduled pickup time.

  • 2 Day checkout for most items (48 hrs)
  • All items must be returned on time to avoid a minimum 1-semester restriction.
  • Only one photography, video, audio playback or digital recording device is permitted per checkout.
    (ie: You may not check out more than one camera, PA system, USB microphone...etc)
  • Authorization is required for bookings containing larger quantities of like devices.
  • Equipment checkout is for academic events only.
  • Customers may not check out equipment for usage by another person or organization.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in classes and able to provide their course name/number & contact information upon check-out.
  • Customers must agree to an end-user agreement stating that the equipment will be safe, secure, and returned in the same condition.
  • If the loaner equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or the checkout term is being abused, the customer will be restricted from accessing loaner equipment for a minimum of 1 semester.
  • Repeated incidents may result in a 1 year or indefinite suspension.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged equipment may be replaced by the customer. IMS Staff can provide the customer with the purchase link. A hold may be placed on the customer's account until items are replaced.
  • If the loaner equipment is stolen, the customer may replace the items; or a UPD report must be filed and a copy provided to the equipment loaning Service Manager. A UPD officer will contact the responsible party.
  • IMS staff may contact customers regarding equipment checkouts, via any contact method provided by SJSU or at checkout.


If a booking has an excessive amount of equipment, which may prohibit others to successfully teach a class or complete an assigned project on time, we reserve the right to edit the booking to ensure equipment is available and accessible for others.


Thursdays: Items checked out on Thursdays must be returned on the following Monday at or before the exact time of checkout.
Fridays: Items checked out on Fridays must be returned on the following Monday at or before the exact time of checkout.


There is a no checkout period during Spring & Winter Break's bi-annual inventory audit

During Winter & Summer break class sessions, the Student/Intern will need to provide proof of the following:

1. Enrollment in a class (green slip) or employment at SJSU
2. That the equipment is needed for a class project & during class time
3. A letter from the professor on official SJSU letterhead, specifying: Need, duration, & equipment


  • If more time is needed to complete your project, you may call to request a renewal. If the item is not booked by someone else, you may renew the checkout for 1 more day.
  • For HD & DSLR Cameras please see the section below.


  • No checkout for off-campus or fraternal organization events.
  • No student may check out PA Speaker systems overnight.

- HD & DSLR CAMERAS - Checkout & Renewals (FAIR CHANCE PROGRAM Cont.)

  • Due to the popularity of DSLR cameras, depending on availability, a customer is allowed 2 checkouts a week, separated by 24 hours (1 day).
  • Renewals: HD & DLSR Cameras may not be extended to ensure that the next customer's booking will not be missed.
  • If the HD Camera/DLSR et al, is not returned before or at the exact time & date it is due, the customer will be restricted from checking out equipment for 1 semester.


All Policies are in accordance with the presidential directive and University property procedures, which are designed in accordance with California State University policies as set forth in Sections 3150-3151 of the Integrated CSU Administrative Manual. These policies, in turn, refer to the applicable state statutes and regulations and CSU Executive Orders