Open hours

SJSU IT IMS Equipment Loaning

Fall & Spring* Semester Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm

Summer & Winter* Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm

*Checkout disruptions may occur during Bi-annual inventory audits during breaks. Please see the announcement's section for equipment availability & updates.

Contact us

SJSU IT IMS Equipment Loaning

Location: IRC 112

(SE wing of the DMH building) GET DIRECTIONS<<

Phone: 408-924-2888



Please note: Updates to confirmed booking appointments must be made through iSupport (the email above).



  • Mar 31st - Cesar Chavez Day
  • May 29th - Memorial Day

To avoid delay, an appointment is encouraged but walk-ins are welcome

IMS is now participating in the CSUCCESS Program! SJSU IT provides Mac & Windows laptops as well as Hotspots for students to borrow at no cost to them, while supplies last. Access to technology should never be a barrier for the education of our students. To learn more visit:


  • Simply:
    • Book your equipment here in Connect2 for as long as you are affiliated with SJSU (You'll receive an automated booking summary to your SJSU email).
      • Please be careful not to mistakenly book your items for a few hours. You may book your items for the duration of your affiliation with SJSU.
    • IMS Staff will contact your SJSU email via iSupport (SJSU CustmerSupport) to confirm your pick-up and return dates & verify contact details.
    • If you need to alter a current booking's date & time, please email or reply to your appointment ticket.
      • The updated booking time you've requested may be subject to change based on appointment availability. If any updates are made to your booking by IMS Staff, you will receive an email confirmation from Connect2, which will stand as your updated appointment date. Please check your SJSU email for an "SJSU CustomerSupport" correspondence.
      • Always bring your Tower ID or Govt. ID and be sure to check here and in your SJSU inbox for updates and information about your checkout, location, hours, and equipment availability.


To accommodate SJSU's hybrid modality, extended checkouts will continue for items essential for working & learning, by appointment.
The last day of the semester: Fall 2022: Fri Dec 16, Winter 2022: Fri Jan 20, Spring 2023: Fri May 26.

  • STAFF, FACULTY, & STUDENTS Checkout Duration: Enrollment/Employment duration

  • LAPTOPS - May not appear available in Connect2 if all laptops have been checked out. Please do not call or walk-in as this is not a system error. Once more inventory arrives, they will be bookable in Connect2 again. Please check back at a later date as we may not be able to forecast availability/supply chain shortages. Laptops also require updates & reimaging upon return. If you do not need your laptop for summer or winter teaching/learning, we may request that you return/exchange it for the latest security & software updates. Exchanges on the basis of minor differences in specs will not be permitted due to laptop availability & longer than-expected sanitation & processing times. IMS has verified with Deans from all respective disciplines, to ensure all IMS laptop specs suffice for your programming & software needs. If you are in need of a more robust system, please reach out to your department as they can provide you with specialized equipment for your learning & teaching needs. You may also qualify for a free personal device via the US BROADBAND BENEFIT PROGRAM.

  • LAPTOP SOFTWARE: All laptops must connect to the campus network at least 1 time in a 180 day period or the Microsoft licensing will expire. See: MY SOFTWARE LICENSES EXPIRED/VPN FIX. For special software requests which run beyond the specs of our laptops please contact your department head or instructor to request a specialized device.


Returns will be due back per your affiliation with SJSU or per the notification you receive from staff during the booking process. Keep in mind that you select your designated return date during the checkout process.

IMS reserves the right to recall all equipment to be returned for refresh or repairs.

MLK Library: 
If you checked out equipment directly from the MLK library please contact the library for details regarding your booking.

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Terms & Conditions


    • If your tower ID has not yet arrived, please provide your Tower ID number & valid form of ID. IMS will verify your enrollment before your booking confirmation.
  • For 1st time bookings, you will need your DUO authentication fob/code as required by SJSU to log in to Connect2 for the 1st time. This will auto-register you in our system.
  • Please call if you are running late. Bookings are automatically canceled if the equipment is not picked up within 2 hours of the scheduled pickup time. 


  • Equipment may not be checked out for non-academic use.
  • Customers may not check out equipment for usage by another person or organization.
  • Customers may not check out equipment for out-of-state (including international) use or travel
  • Laptops are not for personal use and must be returned in their original condition; Including, but not limited to: Laptops returned with stickers or external personalizations, reimaged or with altered operating systems, factory reset, partitioned, or with non-academic or unapproved software installed. IMS is not responsible for data storage or loss upon return. Please see specific laptop Terms
  • Students must be currently enrolled in classes and able to provide their course name/number & contact information upon check-out.
  • Staff, Faculty, and Students: All items must be returned upon separation from SJSU.
  • Only one like device can be checked out at a time: adapter, photography, laptop, video, audio playback, digital recording device, etc. is permitted per checkout without prior IMS authorization.
    • Authorization is required for bookings containing larger quantities of like devices.


  • Customers must agree to an end-user agreement stating that the equipment will be safe, secure, and returned in the same condition.
  • If equipment is late 3 times, or 3 days, or causes the cancellation of another customer's booking, the customer will be restricted from accessing loaner equipment for a minimum of 1 semester.
  • If the loaner equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, the customer will be restricted from accessing loaner equipment for a minimum of 1 semester.
  • Repeated incidents may result in a 1 year or indefinite suspension.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment may be replaced by the customer. IMS Staff can provide the customer with the purchase link for the lost item or its most recent model. A hold may be placed on the customer's account until the items are replaced.
  • If the loaner equipment is stolen, the customer may replace the items; or a UPD report must be filed and a copy provided to the equipment loaning Service Manager. A UPD officer will contact the responsible party.
  • IMS staff may contact customers regarding equipment checkouts, via any contact method provided by SJSU or at checkout.


If a booking has an excessive duration or amount of equipment, which may prohibit others to successfully teach a class or complete an assigned project on time, we reserve the right to edit the booking to ensure equipment is available and accessible for others.


Checkout will be disrupted during Spring & Winter Break's bi-annual inventory audit & ordering as no classes or academic events are scheduled during that time. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

During Winter & Summer break class sessions, IMS staff will verify proof of the following:

1. Enrollment in a class (green slip) or employment at SJSU
2. That the equipment is needed for a class project & during class time
3. A letter from the professor on official SJSU letterhead, specifying: Need, duration, & equipment


  • If more time is needed to complete your project, you may call to request a renewal at (408) 924-2867.


  • Same-Day Checkout for Students
  • No checkout for off-campus or fraternal organization events.


All Policies are in accordance with the presidential directive and University Asset procedures, which are designed in accordance with California State University policies as set forth in CSU ICSUAM policy sections 3150 and 3250 and to the CSU Administration of University Property Equipment Procedures manual pertaining to acquisition, use and disposition of equipment. Chancellor’s Executive Order 649 delegates authority to campus presidents to establish and maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard University equipment.